Information for new Stallholders, Rules and Guidelines

 General Information

New Stallholders 

Casual stalls are available most Sundays.  Casual Stall holders will be allocated at 7am by Greg. Please do not be there any earlier than 7 unless prior arrangements have been made.

Sites start at $25.00 for a site that will allow you a large area for your site. Electricity is available in most sites.

Sites are all undercover so no gazebos are needed and we trade rain hail or shine.

We do have an outsite area where sites are available for those who wish to trade in the open.
Please contact Greg for prices on larger stalls and all other enquiries..

Liability insurance is reccomended for all traders

No smoking in market areas at any time. 

No Dogs are allowed due to health regulations.


Harbour Market Rules and Guidelines


Not permitted in the market between 8am - 2.00pm

To be driven at walking pace and to follow flow of traffic.

Not to be left idling while waiting inside.

To be unloaded quickly and removed from market before setup

Not to be parked in Jetty Village carpark - Jetty Village management reserve the right to parking for their own customers so be thoughtful and park elsewhere.

Do not park in nearby streets - the area across the railway line is ideal


All leads and appliances to be in good order.

Lighting to be kept to @ 300w for average site and 450w for corners.

No permanent electrical fitting to be installed without approval by management.


Public risk insurance is the responsibility of each stallholder - not the management. 


Health Dept., Agriculture, Licensing Board, Forestry etc. are required for some stalls and periodic random inspections do occur - a plate of cookies comprises a food stall and a Temporary Food Vendors License would be required.


To be kept clean and tidy; due care to be given to other peoples property within the storeroom.

No responsibility for any goods kept within either storeroom will be given.


To be left clean and in a respectable state.

Are not the property of stallholders and cannot be bought, sold, hired, leased, rented or traded in any way.

Businesses can be sold within market but the site remains the property of management; ask management for details.

The use of vacant sites is for the management to administer.

Absences should be notified to corordinator on the Sunday before absence. Urgent absences by Friday before the market. Not telling the coordinator may lead to loss of permanent site.


No animals allowed in market which may be able to wander freely, be within the vicinity of a food stall or kept in conditions unacceptable by the RSPCA.


Is allowed but will be stopped if it is offensive, too loud or misleading.


Amplified music must be used only with the consensus of all stalls within audible range. If there are conflicting radio/tape/busking music too close together then management reserves the right to turn down whatever source that may be creating the disturbance.


The coordinator reserves the right to deny access to any trader on the grounds of safety, health, space limitations and conduct.
Harbour Markets reserve the right to alter trading times, sites, rents, impose levies and change rules at any time.

Problems/conflict/disturbances arising within the market can usually be sorted out if discussed with the market manager. However other situations that might arise must be set in writing and will be always be discussed once details are known and appropriate action can be taken if deemed necessary.

These rules may be updated at any time at the discretion of the organiser.